View Full Version : 5.1 speaker sale...

02-13-04, 05:04 PM
Dunno if anyone is interested but the place I bought my new speakers from, is having a sale on their "Tykes"...


If the quality and the sound vs cost is anything like my setup..this is one heck of a good deal!!!

Rocket Loudspeakers is proud to announce the brand new 5.1 Rocket Tyke system. Featuring all extruded aluminum enclosures, the Tyke system will offer (4) 2-driver, 2-way satellites, a 3-driver, 2-way center channel, and a 100 W (RMS) powered, ported subwoofer. PERFECT for bedrooms, offices, game-rooms, etc., the Rocket Tykes offer the detail, resolution, and performance even WE had a hard time believing! And that's not even the good news...the complete system is yours for just $399.00!



This might make one heck of an addition for those with a decient 5.1 card and are looking for a speaker setup.

Granted I have not heard them yet......I'm only passing on the deal to you.