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02-13-04, 03:21 PM
Not really a BIG problem but here goes..

Just recently got a new Mouse
Logitech MX 700

I have an El-cheapo KVM Switch similar to this one.

this one looks like it is the same one actually..

anyways, If I plug in my mouse into the KVM Switch, my computer does not 'fully' recognize it..
It will recognize it only as a Wheel Mouse, which of course is no good since I wont be able to use the extra buttons..

is it just my POS KVM Switch?

02-13-04, 03:30 PM
My experience with KVM's...I haven't tried them with many "better mouses" like the Logi MX series...but I have noticed that other higher end mice with fancy features don't work well with KVM's. I have a nice Microsoft wireless mouse at work, can't use it with the KVM at work, often comes up unseen.

Maybe because of the extra juice these mice draw, since most are "parasitic powered" ...I dunno.

Brent has a Belkin SOHO KVM, and the MX700 or 900 series...see what he has to say.

02-13-04, 03:44 PM
parasitic powered?

the MX700 has a power adapter..so...
I guess it's my cheap KVM Switch?...

think investing in a better one might fix it?..
this is not a big issue really..as I don't use the other comp much and the KV part of the switch still works..I've since connected my MX700 to my comp directly through the USB port..

02-14-04, 12:57 PM
Originally posted by BaLa
parasitic powered?

it draws power from the pc to power itself...over ps2 connection/video connection