View Full Version : new case question

02-12-04, 05:59 PM
Yesterday i made a post talking about how my temps were way to hot. I got a 3ghz computer and they were at 64+. Well i looked and saw that there was alot of dust outside the heat sink so i just took the dust off. So now while running a program like for example flight sim 2004. They went down almost 10c. But i was wondering i have a avg size case. The power supply is right above the cpu. Should i get a new case were the power supply would be farther away. Also is my temps pretty save right now. Dont know much about temps and cpus. I dont need ice cold as long as the temps are safe iam satisfied. Temps right now cpu 50 zone 1 40 zone 2 38 while running a cpu hungry program like fs 2004 which before it was at 68 50 45

02-12-04, 06:18 PM
Well basically if your computer isn't locking up your temps are ok.