View Full Version : The story of david an his IO Magic DVD writer.... part 2.

02-09-04, 11:37 PM
Having researched further, I have discovered that Optorite also makes the same drive for Sony as I/OMagic and a few other budget brands. This leaves me to question the quality and abilities of the Sony 530U drive.

Anyway, The I/O drive had been a bit erratic in writing at high speed. I took advantage of Staples return policy and purchased a TDK 840G (black), As it would be, the indiDVD drives come from either Plextor or Ricoh (black would would more than likely be Plextor). It ran me 210.00 (minus the cost of the I/OMagic drive), but it does have a 40 dollar mail in rebate.

I have suggested the Plextor 8X drive to several friends based on my research. Well, I can now speak from first hand, this is a GREAT burner. Quiet operation, TDK DVD+R 4X media burns @ 8X (faster than anything I have seen so far) and the reliability associated with the brand. Yes, it is worth the extra money.

Please note. The Pioneer 8X drive has been a disappointment so far. The lack of 8X capable media and 24X CD-r for a high end price drive is unacceptable.


02-10-04, 12:45 AM
I would like to stress how cool it is to be able to burn TDK or Memorex 4X disks at 8X full speed. Best Buy often has sales on the media for roughly 1 dollar per disk (In 25/50/100 spools). That does very well against the internet's offerings.