View Full Version : Huge computer problem...HD dying?

02-09-04, 04:15 PM
I had upgrading this computer from a 2200+ to a 2600+ with an nforce board about a month ago (thread still here in which i had a problem with the clockspeed). Anyway, I had to move the computer for a period of one week, and during that week I've been noticing some pretty bad crashing. Before the computer actually freezes, I hear a large clicking sound and something stops, I figure its the HD because I'm getting a feeling that says...its the harddrive. If it were the fan, I think i'd know right away with a burning smell etc.

So, here I am, after only moving the computer, attaching it to another monitor, keyboard, speaker, mouse and LAN cable, nothing more, nothing less, experiencing this trouble which makes me wonder...I speculate it being the HD for the gut instinct and the fact that I have a 20GB HD thats probably more than 5 years old.

Anyway to know for sure?

02-09-04, 04:31 PM
Sounds the like hard drive to me as well.

Salvage as much as possible before it's all gone. I know there's a software somewhere that can check how bad it is.. I think.. but I'm not sure where.

02-09-04, 04:33 PM
could be the hard drive or it could be the power connector, i have had some issues with power connectors before where the hard drive would act wierd.

try a different plug maybe or jiggle it alittle bit while the PC is running and see if the hard drive clicks or shuts down.

The Dude
02-09-04, 06:36 PM
If you want to see if your spider sense is right go to the drive manufacturers web site and look for a diagnostic program. Some thing that can read the smart technology in the drive may do it to.
Just do a google search for hard drive smart diagnostics.

02-10-04, 06:19 AM
some of these diagnostics progs suck..

02-10-04, 12:14 PM
sounds like hdd, can you put your hand on it and see if it comes from it. I have heard of psu's clicking before they go boom;)