View Full Version : What caused this horrible thing to happen?

02-07-04, 02:58 AM
I had a client over today to transfer some movies onto his external hard drive. The moment he walks in the door, diskeepers decides to run a defrag on 4 hard drives at the SAME time. This slowed my computer to a stand-still.

I was able to shut down the computer, but my worst nightmare occured on the restart.

I had a single bios beep (success) and then this is all I saw:

p4 1.2 (blah, blah)
memory: dkb339x

So, I pulled the memory sticks one by one; neither were bad. Then, it cut down to this on a power up:

p4 1.2 (blah, blah)

So, I reset the cmos. no luck. I pulled the battery, no luck. I figured it was probably the mobo or maybe the processor. I pulled the processor, but no damage.

So, I tried again with no improvement. I left it on in that state while I did something on my lappy. Suddenly, there was a cmos error message and it allowed me to bypass (F1). Now, it's working fine.

any thoughts? Is my mobo going?



02-07-04, 04:19 AM
Set it and forget it set to do them all at the same time?

02-07-04, 07:30 AM
Originally posted by UOD
Set it and forget it set to do them all at the same time?

I assumed that diskeeper was smart enough NOT to defrag them at the same time, I was wrong.

02-07-04, 11:42 AM
i've defragged 4 drives at once w/ no issue before..?

02-07-04, 12:04 PM
I'd still run some diags on it to check everything.

TuffTest is a good all around diag program. I can't recall teh web address off hand, but a google will find it.

Don't rely on the software to be smart enough to figure it out. I doubt the diskkeeper defrag did it though. Probably a coincidence.

02-07-04, 01:14 PM
Go get that memory diag tool from M$ and run that, and make sure your stuff is backed up, doesnt sound like it is trustworthy right now, Lol!