View Full Version : P4C800-E Bios Update

02-05-04, 10:05 PM
I was just wondering if anyone has completed the newest bios update for this board. I am trying to update the bios using the latest version 1014. I have a boot disk with the bios P4ced14.rom on it and the latest version of Afudos.

When I boot to the a:> and enter afudos.exe I get the following message:

Usage: afudos /i<Rom filename> [/o<save Rom filename>]

I'm entering:

a:>afudos /i p4ced14.rom /o save backup.rom (and hitting enter)

Doesn't seem to be doing anything and I think I am making a syntax error or something but there is no output to the screen.

What am I doing wrong. And before that save is that a "o" or a "zero"?

All the other bios updates I have done like earlier ver of aFudos used a dos like GUI interface, with straight forward entries.

Thanks guys!!:D

02-05-04, 11:20 PM
No worries I got it. I used the the Asus Updater program.:D