View Full Version : psu power req for hdds?

02-05-04, 06:36 PM
i haven't altered my sig yet, but i've added a couple of drives to my server for a total of 4:

maxtor scsi 6300rpm
maxtor ide 5400rpm
maxtor ide 7200rpm
seagate scsi 7200rpm

both scsi and ide are running off pci cards. is there any risk for overloading a 300-watt us-can power supply?

02-05-04, 08:19 PM
really depends on 2 things...... the quality of the PSU and how much you have going on in the system (other things that are drawing off the 12v rail).

300W PSUs are not at all uncommon in servers... 'specially OEM small U-space (1 or 2U) rackmount stuff. of course servers of that nature tend to be barebones when it comes to the frivolities (don;t have 32 case fans, for example).

assuming you won;t be doing heavy reads/writes to and from all the drives at the same time, i would think you are OK, as long as it;s a decent performing PSU.

02-05-04, 08:43 PM
that site suggests 340 watts...meh. i can't envision it will max out...idle most of the time.