View Full Version : Looking for G router what brand should i go with ?

02-02-04, 11:16 AM

02-02-04, 11:25 AM
I have to recomend Linksys, good job on updating their firmwares and a quality unit.

02-02-04, 11:33 AM
I have a D-Link DI-624 that I got for christmas. i wouldn't normally buy a D-Link but I do have to say that its rock solid.

02-02-04, 12:38 PM
Yea i was looking at linksys it's a $99 i also noticed they have 2 models http://www.linksys.com/products/group.asp?grid=33&scid=35 i don't care about VPN

02-02-04, 01:28 PM
I use Netgear products. I like them very much. As a matter of fact, I have a new wireless Netgear PCI card sitting here on my desk that FedEx delivered today. I use the WGR614 router from Netgear. Runs great for me. $79 at Newegg.com Three computers are attached to it.

02-02-04, 02:49 PM
so should i go with the netgear ?

02-02-04, 03:59 PM
I don't think you could go wrong with either (Lynksys or Netgear). YOS has a lot more experience than me. I personally like Netgear, and he is a Lynksys guy for budget home use. I would say price would be your factor here.

02-02-04, 07:53 PM
I like 3Com products. like this one:

I have a Netgear at home, but I've been impressed with the 3Com Access Points I've configured on the job. A friend of mine was having tons of problems getting WEP and MAC reservations setup on his DLink Best-Buy-special, but I've never had a problem configuring the 3Com stuff.

A little more $$ than a Link/Gear (Net/sys?) but you get what you pay for....

02-03-04, 07:56 AM
I haven't gone wireless yet but ive been super happy with my 4 port linksys router i bought a couple of years ago(back when it was $150 :o ) ...and she's still kicking.

Would this be [FsT] Shadrach from the InstaFreeze world of Q3?

02-03-04, 01:50 PM
3com is not a bad product i used them for a while before they rock