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01-31-04, 12:34 PM
i have switched to a laptop and since i formatted i dont know if im running the right drivers. i am running the radeon igp 320 m. i think it is a radeon 7000 technology, but i am not too knowledgable about such things. i thought i would be able to run q3 with my laptop, but it wont. is the graphics card not good enough?

i think this is the card i have with my lappy

01-31-04, 01:24 PM
it should work, what errors are you getting? what model/specs laptop? any reasonably modern integrated graphics should be able to handle a game taht old.

01-31-04, 03:13 PM
hp pavilion ze4500:
512 ddr
1.8 gig amd
radeon igp 320m

that is what i thought. it just runs awful. i get about 1 frame/second and then in just freezes.

02-01-04, 02:37 PM
update: i think it is the opengl drivers. i dont have a copy of them. does anyone have a link to a set i can download for this card. thanks!