View Full Version : Firing Square:Abit Radeon 9800XT

01-29-04, 06:32 AM

"As we just stated, ABITís initial RADEON 9800 XT offering is based entirely on ATIís reference design, right down to the copper cooling unit. This is a pretty popular strategy for board manufacturers to employ Ė stick with the reference design for your first generation graphics card in order to bring the product to market more quickly. Often these boards are made directly by ATI themselves (via PC Partner/Sapphire) and then sold to the board partner. This way the board partner can cash in on the new product announcement.
All ABIT does is slap their sticker on the cardís fan and duct, box it all up, and sell it to the consumer. We have a very strong suspicion that this card was produced in the same factory as our Built By ATI RADEON 9800 XT card we received last year."

:nod: That was my first thought when I started reading the article, and saw the pics. 100% reference design...probably made by Sapphire.