View Full Version : Internal V External Modem ?

01-27-04, 01:57 AM
Hi I guess an 'Internal' Modem is much better & faster than 'External' ?

For elimination purposes I think I may have a problem with my modem ?
& was going to try an external 56 K

Is it worth it ?
Or will it be a waste of cash because of lack of speed etc ?

Thx !

01-27-04, 06:31 AM
56k is so slow that it probably won't matter..all of the external peripheral ports can handle it

01-27-04, 06:46 AM
I don't agree about "internal vs external" one being better than the other based on that principle.

The performance of the modem is based on A) the quality of the modem, B) the quality of your phone lines, and C) the quality of your ISP.

Personally, I prefer USR modems, although back in the day, Diamond made some awesome internal modems, matter of fact their Supra 33.6i modem was regarded by many gaming magazines as the best performing (lowest ping) modem of all, including 56k's. But when Diamond went 56k, they embraced KFlex 56k standard first, and lost their edge. KFlex "could" be very fast, but was very picky about line noise, and often performed poorly if the slightest bit of line noise was present.

X2 technology was more tolerant of line noise, USR used that technology. Then they merged into the standard v.90.

Internal modems are, more often than not, "software driven" modems, which are horrible. They rely on your CPU to run, and any gamer will not want CPU intensive hardware. There are some good hardware controller based internal modems though, USR makes a good one, the Performance Pro. External modems, I prefer USR's also...and they're almost always hardware controller based.

01-27-04, 08:30 AM
Cheers ! Guys !