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01-23-04, 07:43 AM
Hi all, OK I am putting together a system for a buddy's girlfriend and she got a All-in-One MD/CPU and the CPU is a Duron 2200, my question is in the BIOS it says 2200 Pro but in propeties in XP it says it's only a 1.1??When I do a search on the net they all come up 1.3 or 1.4, my question is what is the correct number??Or is there something in the BIOS I can change? The motherboard is a Mercury SIS740, AMD Socket A motherboard (no laughing) Any help or info would be great on this....Thanks

01-23-04, 08:14 AM
Is WinXP service packed?

01-23-04, 08:42 AM
Is WinXP service packed? Yessir..It's XP Pro SP1, and it's got all of the critical Windows updates installed..Any ideas??

01-23-04, 02:56 PM
Next question...is the BIOS on that motherboard updated?

01-23-04, 05:38 PM
Duron 2200?

01-23-04, 09:05 PM
Did you make sure FSB / Multiplier is set correctly??

Some older mobos have a jumper to change the multiplier.

My old mobo was reading my 2.4 as a 1.8 till I changed the jumper.

01-24-04, 12:58 PM
Make sure your memory clock settings in your bios are set right.
I know with the old sdram if its set to 100 instead of 133 it will do that exact thing.