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01-22-04, 06:24 AM
the 3rd. light - ink - is blinking , when i open the cover the head moves to the pont it show the -black sad face - does it mean that the black cartride is bad?
it is new hp 51645a cartridge (bought it 6 months ago keept in it's original package)
it is expansive and dont want to buy spend the money for printer that doesnt work. thank you for your help

01-22-04, 07:46 AM
Bad or empty. Check HP.com for and troubleshooting assistance, it's a pretty good resource for their printers.

Daves World
01-22-04, 02:50 PM
sounds like a bad cartridge, I would 1st clean the contacts on both cartridges and the little metal contacts pins on the carriage unit, then try a known good cartridge... Good luck........

01-22-04, 05:11 PM
Ugh, I hate that model printer. The software is WAY to sensitive, the one I use for documents at the office is always screaming about an ink issue. Hell, I've had it print over 800 pages with the monitor saying it was outta ink.

01-22-04, 06:03 PM
Just FYI, HP overfills their ink cartridges so that the stated volume is the usuable volume. Not sure if you guys knew that.

I doubt that the ink has evaproated, could just be a bad cartridge.

HP makes good printers.

01-22-04, 06:06 PM
It really has a sad face?