View Full Version : dead pixel fix?

11-26-03, 07:32 PM
Ive got a toshhiba satellite laptop and ive noticed a dead pixel its a white dot on the lcd, is there a fix?.

11-26-03, 09:46 PM
first make sure it's not dust, as i have done many times. if not, then you likely can't fix it; the transister for that pixel is stuck on or off, and you cant take transistors apart to fix it. you're gonna need to replace teh screen.

11-26-03, 10:32 PM
Yes ive looked at many sites nothing i can do about it, its a small dot not worth paying for a new lcd, as long as its stays only one i can live with it..

11-27-03, 12:19 AM
toshibas are known for it. my mom's dell has one..it isn't so bad--just ignore it :)