View Full Version : P4 board DDR500/533?

11-24-03, 10:57 AM
Looking at building a new high end P4 system and was looking for a board(socket478, 800MHz FSB) that runs DDR500/533, but i looked all over newegg and to no avail. Haven't built a P4 system in about a year now.
How's this sound?

Mobo undesided
P4 2.6CGHz or 2.8CGHz (800MHz FSB)
1GB OCZ PC4200
36GB WD Raptor
Radeon 9600XT or 9800XT depending on funds available =P


11-24-03, 11:05 AM
The only way you'll see DDR500/DDR533 speeds is by overclocking...a LOT.

Otherwise, just get 2 x PC3200 sticks and run in dual-channel.

11-24-03, 11:09 AM
So just like my A7N8X DLX anything over 3200 is a waste... hmm. Thanx Burke.


11-24-03, 02:19 PM
Actually all you need is to get the FSB to 250. Should be a possibility if you relax teh timings and have good cooling.

11-24-03, 05:02 PM
There is DDR 500+ out but you need to run your fsb @ 250 or greater to achieve this. I run my OCZ 4000 2.5-3-4-6-4-4 @ 256 with 2.85 V. The problem with current DDR 500 is the timings suck.