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11-24-03, 05:13 AM
ok this may sound likje a silly question but one thats puzzling me

i have an old sys with asus k7v mobo on it, my hd is near to full and i want to add another 1, the mobo only supports ata 33/66 so can i buy a hd 100/133 and expect it to work ? i k i will not get them speeds but my idea is to take it out l8r and put it in a new comp (when i get the bucks)

i saw this when i done a search
will i need one of those or not?


11-24-03, 06:53 AM
you certainly wont need one for the speed because the HD's will slide backwards compatible.

Howver, you should do some research on your motherboard to ensure it'll utilize the larger HD's.

11-25-03, 03:50 AM
tnx for reply zooner, i take it i can then and i wont need that controller card.

the rrigs well old now but i'm sure it supports larger drives (got 20g atm) speed doesnt bother me cos the new drive will go towards a new setup eventually, then i can relegate the old comp to an ftp