View Full Version : problem with videocard...

LanEvo IV
11-22-03, 01:59 PM

I have a Gainward Ultra 5600 FX card... its AGP but why does it say PCI mode, this card can go 8x AGP and same with my motherboard...

anyone with help to fix this be great...

11-22-03, 02:13 PM
Check in your BIOS to see if AGP is enabled, also check your VGA on/off in the BIOS. It just sounds like your in PCI mode.

11-22-03, 02:44 PM
have you installed the latest chipset drivers for your mobo?

LanEvo IV
11-22-03, 03:12 PM
thanx for the quick help...

i downloaded the fix from intel... and it worked... AGP 8x...