View Full Version : Anyone wanna help walk me through OC'ing my rig.

11-21-03, 11:17 AM
I have it currently set at 5% OC in the bios, I'm not looking for a crazy OC, like Cyphers, I just want a good mild overclock, that wont bust me on the temps. I'm only asking because I heard manually doing it will give you better a better OC for the temps.

p4 2.4 ghz northwood @ 2535
ASUS p4p800 Deluxe mobo
Geil Golden Dragon Pc3500
Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9600 Pro

Core speed = 2520 mhz
Multiplier = 18.0
FSB = 140.0
Bus Speed = 560.0 mhz
Vcore = 1.6

( My current settings)

11-21-03, 11:19 AM
At full load at 5% OC I run at about 43-44 celcius BTW>

11-21-03, 11:55 AM
slam that ram voltage up...

lock the agp:pci

raise the fsb in 5mhz intervals

11-21-03, 12:01 PM
What do you mean lock the agpci? Srry I've never done this before. I'll raise the voltage and report back.


11-21-03, 12:07 PM
Ok the options I have are

Dram frequency - Only options that I have are 133/266!??! I know for a FACT that this mobo supports 3200, and my ram is even higher than that??

AGP/PCI Frequency - 66.66/33.33

Which one of these should I pick.

Cpu Vcore coltage

DDR Reference Voltage

AGP VPPQ Voltage

Can you tell me some good values for these? I have a 450 w power supply.

11-21-03, 12:17 PM
Ok I looked through a few sites on this board.

Now I'm running at

Cpu Freq = 145 = 2610 mhz
DRAM Frequency = 266?? Is this right? Why is there only 266/333?

AGP/PCI Frequency 66.66/33.33
Vcore 1.6
DDR Reference Voltage 2.55v
AGP Vddq Voltage 1.50v

How does that sound?