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11-17-03, 01:13 PM
Ok heres the setup.

The PC i am working on has WinXP (unknown amount of updates)
XP2000+ proc
Nforce2 Mb
DVD reader
CDRW writer
made by HP

Heres some background
A friend of the family was trying to install a wireless network and put in a Dlink NIC card (a 10/100 card was already built into the Mboard but I guess she didnt realize it)
That night there was a giant windstorm (in Michigan) and the power surged and went out 6 times.

The computer started randomly rebooting on its own and the CD and DVD drive were not recognized in device manager.

Now, first i pulled the Dlink card (It wasn't operating properly and I figured it was causing conflicts.)

Then rebooted, first the computer worked slightly better and I tried re-installing the DVD and CD hardware in device manager but gave up after several reboots.
Next I was going to do a system restore but WinXP crapped out on me.
Everytime I load XP it checks the Fat32 portion of the disk, then Blue screens with a msg for less than a second (too quick for me to read)

I tried re-installing XP twice (Dell XP disk) but each time the install locks up and wont even let me reboot the PC. I have to pull the power cable and let the entire system reset.

Any suggestions anyone.

The owner said she wanted another HD to put all her home office data on so I might just get a barebones (Motherboard and case) system and a new HD and just do a clean WINXP install and dump all her files to the new HD, format the old HD and then separate the files.

Anyone got any better ideas?

Also Safe mode won't even boot up (nor safe mode command prompt)

11-17-03, 01:19 PM
Sounds like a Hard Drive issue to me, if you have an extra hard drive around try putting it in and seeing what happens, also reset the bios.


11-17-03, 01:24 PM
I have a HP XP1600+ machine
I plugged the HD into that machine and am getting pretty much the same problems.

At first I suspected the Mboard was fried (random reboots) but I think Kyler1 is correct, a HD issue.

I just need to be able to salvage her data and after that put the computer back together.

Unfortunately I have no spare HD's so its off to officemax or some such store.

I was hoping there would be a bootdisk that I could make and do a system restore via that method or some such similar method.

Thanks Kyler1 for reminding me.

11-17-03, 03:11 PM
Had a similar problem last night and was about to call it quits when I found this site:


takes a while but worked flawlessly.

Saved my ass.