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11-15-03, 07:11 PM
a friend of mines had 1500 and wants to know the best possible parts he can get for that price to build his own server.
This includes:

cpu, graphics, ram, hd's, everything.

Thanks for your suggestiongs in advance.

also stop by #fua on irc.gamesnet.net if you want to talk to us in person (sort of)

11-15-03, 07:35 PM
What kind of server?

11-15-03, 07:55 PM
Gaming servers. Half Life, Call of Duty, BF1942.

11-16-03, 06:32 AM
Well...the key here is realizing what kind of load to realistically expect. I'm going to bet he's going to host from his home, which means a common broadband connection, which means not really that many clients since his upload will not be that high. In that case...any old box running decently will work, because bandwidth will be the first thing to hurt performance once a half dozen or so peeps log in. Old games like Half Life (Quake 2 engine), and games based on old engines like MOHAA and Call of Duty (Quake 3 engine)...they don't need too much bandwidth. Unreal Tournament is where I had my experience building and running public gaming servers (I built one that was #14 in the world, remained in the top 20 for several years...on NGStats list). UT want a bit more bandwidth, ideally at least 28k per client on upload. So an average home connection, with say 128 upload, can really only host about 5 peeps before the next one loggin in introduced lag across the board. Newer games like Battlefield 1942...I know it craves fat bandwidth, and I'll studying up on it now, building a gaming server for this site.

If he's going to co-located it at a his ISP's data center, or some similar place...where it will sit in a server room, switched directly to the gateway on a nice fat pipe of bandwidth...then one should consider what to use...and build an appropriate server. We're talking a server that will keep efficiency when 24, 32, 64, even a hundred peeps log in...and keep on running well.

In these cases...dual processors help. You don't need the latest and fastest CPU's...just duallies help things run smoother. It splits services up in the OS itself..so that a single CPU is much freed up, for other things..like serving your game.

A "Server" operating system, not a "Desktop" OS. Desktop OS's are designed for up to 10 concurrent connections..past that, and they really lose efficiency. File sharing you can't go past 10 anyways, but just serving a game via TCP doesn't fall under that. A Server OS is obviously designed to remain efficient and scale up as your number of concurrent connections increases.

RAM...don't skimp on RAM. Monitor this through Task Manager...make sure you're never falling short of system RAM.

NIC....get a real server grade NIC, not some cheap 19 dollar desktop NIC. Desktop NICs aren't designed for many concurrent connections, server grade NICs obviously are. I'm talking about network cards such as 3COMs 990XP. Yeah they cost more...around 100 bucks. But once you get past a dozen or twenty clients...and keep adding them, you'll see a desktop NIC crumble to it's knees. Get 50 or more peeps....and a server NIC doesn't even begin to break a sweat.

Switched...not on a hub.

Run it as a dedicated server, running a console server version of the software, not launched the the graphical game itself. Tremendous amount of differences in resources used there. Also never play on the same unit as a client, meaning, don't serve and play on the same box. It's not fair with you enjoying a zero ping, while you're playing lags the box for everyone else. Get a whole separate box for your server, let it just run as a dedicated server.

Those are some of my thoughts for now, about as much as I can come up with on only 3 cups of joe so far,...gotta go and run some errands.

11-16-03, 02:31 PM
1. It'll be hosted at a server hosting company, so no worires about the bandwidth of a home server.

2. Yea, we've been talking about using amd duel procs for the server. So what would you all recommend in the cpu area.

3. What o/s do you recommend.

4. We are planning on it being a central server, since we are both in central.

and thanks for the help sofar. really helpful :)

11-17-03, 01:12 PM
Opterons are gonna be to expensive for your budget, I'd say Athlon MPs, 1800+ ~ 2000+ maybe. Definatly lots of fast RAM, since its not gonna be running the graphics you shouldn't need a 10k RPM HD. And of corse enough video not to lag the system but thats it, Like YOSC said, NIC is important!