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11-14-03, 07:54 PM
i know they have 40 conductor 40 pin cables and they have 80 conductor 40 pin cables. my question is whats the different for? why would a person go for one over the other? does it depend on the speed of the drive (ATA100/ATA133)? if it's better to have a 80 conductor 40 pin cable should i upgrade to those?

11-14-03, 08:03 PM
the 80 are eide i say do the upgrade you should notice a speed diffrence 40 pin is the old ide standard.

The Dude
11-14-03, 08:27 PM
You need the 80 wire to be able to use ata 100/133. You would definitely want one on your pri IDE channel for your hard drive. If you have a hard drive on your sec IDE channel use one their too. If you only have a cd-rom on the secondary you could get away with using only a 40.

11-14-03, 08:47 PM
80 wire started with ATA66 hard drives. 40 wire prior to that.

11-14-03, 08:52 PM
i've got a mixute of ide/eide cables in my closet. should i just try to upgrade them all to eide 80 conductor 40 pin cables?

11-14-03, 08:54 PM
If you drives are of a type that requires 80 wire, and you're only using 40 wire. Than yes.

If you have ATA33 drives or older...using 40 wire is fine. 80 wire will give you no benefit.