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11-13-03, 12:10 PM
i got I got an NF7 Abit motherboard and a amd athlon Barton 2500 Xp and a Radeon 9600 pro and a Corsair 512mb xms Twinx pc 3200 dual channel 400mhz.

ok in the bios i can set the barton at 3200 speeds if i do that and i keep the ram at the default settings 8-3-3 it's stable but I also believe it is stable at 7-3-3 cas 2, but any lower and it crashes and stuff.

currently my Barton is at 192 FSB stockcooling with 1.7 Vcore 2112 mhz I believe, witht he multi at 11. i tried taking the mutl to 11.5 and got 2208mhz which i thought was good.

i kept getting errors. Currently with 192fsb and 11 multi and 1.7 vcore and the ram at 2.7core its frequency is 384 i think that is the max you can have at without low latency, read somewhere.

the current timings are 5-3-2 cas 2 and its stable has been like this for a few days.

so would i get better results with 3200 speeds and 7-3-3 timings or 192fsb and 11 multi at 5-3-2 timings i currently get around 13k 3dmarks and all i care about is the marks so what should I try?

11-13-03, 12:30 PM
try 2-2-2-11

11-13-03, 05:27 PM
Try bumping your mem up to 2.8 Lower lats needs more volts