View Full Version : cd burner burns at 32x while it should be a 48x

11-12-03, 06:26 PM
hellow its me again.

i just purchased a cendyne 48x12x48 cdrw burner.

and i had nero or some thing like that installed and it wouldn't reconize my burner at all

i installed the nero exprese that came wiht it it reconized it but nero 5.5 wouldn't so i unistalled both and go a nero update off the site the nero or some hting and it reconized my drive but the fastes i can burn is 32x why is this?

my media is good up to 40x and i have accesse up to 52x cd-r's

the cd burner s/n is: 99b0f1205130358989swd000

i tried to update the firm ware but it said this version couldn't update the firm ware but why would their be a down load for this version?

any how thanks for your help

11-12-03, 07:43 PM
Sometimes, there's a feature called smartburn (on liteons specifically) that will slow the burn speed down depending on the media (it reads the media itself to see what speed it is)..so try more media..higher quality media specifically..

11-12-03, 07:59 PM
well i belive i got it figured out.

i updated the nero version to and i was able to get 32x out of it and then i updated to 6 and got the cdkey working and i had a dvd prog in the burner and it red 48 so i was like alright it reconized it.

and then i put in a cd-r and set it up to brun a 700mb disk

went to burn and it would only burn 40x pulled my media out 40x cd-r thought about it and ran in my brothers room and stole some of his 48x media poped it in and it worked.

i burned a 700mb disk in 2 mins and 30 secs

im very happy with the 9 doallors i spent on this burner at office max today

and i am aswell happy with the 16x dvd rom i bought for 19 aswell

im not positive their was a sell going on i belive the guys that worked their read the add wrong and gave me the 80 doallor burner for 9 bucks. their lost eh? i bought 3 and my neibor bought 2 LOL

and we got 2 dvd roms and my neibor got 1

well i need to go have a great time guys