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11-09-03, 07:39 PM
i'm looking into building something crazy and want everyone's opinion on what is the best product for cpu cooling. i know most answers are gonna be water cooling but i want to stay away from that. i want to do it all natural. sure you can boost a car by adding nitrous but i think the true fun comes in building one all motor. so whats everyone's opinions? i was thinking of getting the ThermalTake P4 Spark 7+. how good is that?

11-09-03, 07:41 PM
ThermalTakes are pretty good, I've always liked them. Sure there are a few HSF's out there that may get a CPU one or two degrees colder...but often at the expense of lots of noice. TT HSF's usually get them 99% as cool, without all that racket that makes you should like you're on the deck of an aircraft carrier during code red launch time.

11-09-03, 07:46 PM
VapoChill or Prometeia.

11-09-03, 07:51 PM
Originally posted by Burke
VapoChill or Prometeia.

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11-09-03, 09:27 PM
so this TT hsf is a good one? TT HSF (http://www.frozencpu.com/cgi-bin/frozencpu/cpu-tta-10.html)

also i have a ATI radeon 9700 pro and was looking into better cooling for it. i came across this and wanted to know if it was good or not. or if there is anything better. TT G4-VGA CoolMOD Cooler (http://www.zxmods.com/cgi-bin/cp-app.cgi?usr=50X2102481&rnd=8275472&rrc=N&cip=

11-09-03, 11:12 PM
For air I would go with a Thermalright SLK With an 80mm Panaflo over a TT anyday. Prommys own but they also cost. You could put together a nice H20 setup for under $200. As for your video card I just added this:
If you're gonna stick with air check out Zalman. Bear in mind with fans comes noise. I run at 26c under full load under 30 dba.

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11-10-03, 10:29 AM
yeah i know about noise. my rig makes little but will be louder soon. i sorta wanted to see what i could do without H20 right now. with water cooling, do you still use all your case fans? my idea for fans is this: 2 80mm in the front for intake, 2 120mm on side window for intake, 2 80mm on rear for exhaust, and 1 120mm on top for exhaust. if i got water cooling would i keep all those fans? i mean i know you prob could but if there any need for them? how much more cooler can you run with water cooling? i mean i'm not trying to make a monster but i want it as cool as possible. i was trying to stay away from H20 b/c of costs. if i got water then how much would i have to spend in order to have pretty good cooling system (cpu, video card, and everything else i'll need)? i normally buy the best i can get at the time so i'm afraid of spending too much of H20. please help!

11-10-03, 11:23 AM
Yea the idea of water flowing over my 1000's of dollars in electronics freaks me out :D

11-10-03, 11:43 AM
I still use case fans to cool other components but I keep them low. Putting one 120 on the side panel will be fine. Look into using a fan controller for your drive bay. They allow you to regulate them as needed to keep the noise down. If you do your research before hand water cooling is'nt that risky at all.:D

11-10-03, 12:09 PM
I just noticed your H20 question. You'll want to piece it together yourself to suit your needs and to get the best. There are allot of choices so here's a few to consider:]
CPU: I would reccomend the following in order of quality
The bottom one is new but shows allot of promise.
Pro core (their cheaper on clearence and may have a few bleeds in the finish or some bent fins).
You'll want a shroud on that:
Or you could buy the combo:
Ypu can find it local for $45
15' of 1/2"Clearflex60
Pick one that suits your needs.
Distilled water
I use Zerex RSC myself
Hose clamps from Home Depot
Here's the fan bus I use and aluminum fan on my rad:
Xoxide has the fans cheaper though. That should give you an idea of the parts and pricing involved.


11-10-03, 12:28 PM
thanks a lot cypher! thats helps a lot. i'm still not sure on what parts i want to get. i really don't have the money for all that right now. but what about the fans i posted? should i still invest in them? will i need all those case fans with an h20 setup? if it helps then i'm going to get the case fans and then upgrade to water cooling soon. let me know.

11-10-03, 12:58 PM
Certainly. Proper air flow through the case is still vital to both H20 and phase change cooling. Other components such a mosfets Ram and voltage regulators to name a few generate heat which must still be dissipated. Choosing a 120 for a blow hole is a great choice. Basic convection dictates that heat rises, and what better way to remove this heat than to expel it from the top where it gathers. Having one 120 on the side is more than enough. I tried that and reverted to an 80mm myself, mostly because I'm water cooling my NB and GPU already. When you cut the side fan in, position it at the middle point of the card (50/50), or so 3/4 of it is beneath it. The later works great with a 120 because it covers a wide surface area with out much compromise on the topside, while still providing adequate flow to the core where it's needed most.