View Full Version : COmp...wont boot

06-11-03, 08:15 AM
OK..we had a lightning storm and completly lost power..all the comps did and one of them wont boot now...it gets as far as the Hp invent page...(first page shows vvid card stuff then this page) thn it just stops there.......like freezes..none of the othr comps have suffered any damage...these comps are on a surge protector...
Is There any way i can make my pc boot force fully?

Im running Windows XP..

And if Would reformating the system help at all? if it would where can i get the xp reformaating discs at..cus my comp dident come with any...

06-11-03, 09:49 AM
I think it might be something with your HD... check all the connections..

If that fails.. take everything out and start with basics

(CPU, Heatsink, RAM, Vid Card)

And keep on building up until you find the source of error

But i think something might have happened to your hard drive or something...


06-11-03, 09:53 AM
Find partition magic.. by whatever means.. and then make the boot disks...

Plop them in.. go into the bios and make sure that you boot from floppy.. reboot.. it should boot from the discs and you can format from there..

Well if you have to..