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06-10-03, 08:34 PM
What am i doing wrong? I upgraded today to an Xp 2400+ processor. And my idle temps are very high 62 degrees with a 30 degree ambient. I reapplied the thermal paste and reseated the heatsink and still no change.

The heatsink is the Coolermaster HHC-001 with heatpipe and from what i gather it is a reasonably good heatsink.

Full load the temps run up to 70 degrees celsius.

I have the epox 8k3ae mobo which i understand reads from the temp diode on the processor itself, so i can see why it would be very warm but this warm.....?

06-10-03, 08:53 PM
Sorry but that heatpipe isn't sufice for that cpu. I'll advise you to get a V7+, V7, V9 or SLK-800, AX7 with a smartfan II.

Even tho the heatpipe is a decent hsf, I know i had one, that 60mm fan blarin at full speed isn't gonna cool it.

Now here's some dumb questions:

1) Did you use any thermal paste ( ie AS3) on it?
2) Are you using the gum that came with the hsf?
3) Is the hsf seated properly?

06-10-03, 09:03 PM
It didnt have that thermal sticker on it.
I put on the white thermal paste you get with the cpu
The heatsink is seated right...

Oh man dont tell me i have to shell out more money again :(

06-10-03, 09:21 PM
V9's are cheap.. 30 bucks canadian..

Buy one of those.. and a tube of AS3 ( arctic silver 3 )


06-10-03, 09:26 PM
Volcano 9 works great too:)

06-11-03, 01:00 AM
The 8k3a has issues reading the thermal diode on the tbred b (or any axp really, but mainly tbreds). it reads 10-20c high. just fyi..mine reads 60ish load..65ish sometimes. i have an 8045 and it is cool to the touch..so this is impossible. it is a mobo/processor thermal diode issue, not the heatsink.

the diode in the athlon xp is uncalibrated as is the mobo reader..so if the cpu is stable..don't even worry about what the mobo reads the temp as. you aren't doing anything wrong.