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06-08-03, 04:57 PM
I'm about to build myself a new computer, and this is what ive got so far...
New comp (http://secure.newegg.com/app/WishHistoryReview.asp?position=HISTORY&submit=VIEW&ID=316702)
If anyone wouldnt mind, i would appreciate it if a couple people could look it over and make sure there isnt anything big missing from it.
Also, if anyone has a better mobo in mind, i would take some suggestions on that as well, though i want to stay cheap and stable.
- Randog

06-08-03, 05:07 PM
the mobo is good. the oem radeon isnt. most oem ati cards are clocked lower than the retail ATI cards.

aslo why spend 200 bucks on a case and buy crappy ram?

06-08-03, 05:18 PM
i would ditch the creative sound card and use the onboard sound, works for me.

06-08-03, 05:19 PM
yeah didnt even see that, the nforce onboard sound is the best onbard sound u'll get, dont need the creative card.

06-08-03, 05:50 PM
okay, i may stick with the sound card anyway, cause my old comp (this one) could use a decent card, still using some screwe dup onboard atm.

Which Ram would you reccomend? i picked out the stuff i did because its cheap and has the lifetime warranty.

06-08-03, 05:56 PM
Kingston HyperX, Corsair XMS, Mushkin

Geil is ok

Why spend that much on rounded IDE cables??? You need to buy 2 ATA133 cables also.


06-08-03, 06:12 PM
corsair or crucial ram would be good for ya, i dont see ya overclocking so just get what ya need.

The Goog
06-09-03, 04:15 AM
lol if you need a new system I could sell you most of mine lol


Unless you've set your mind on AMD which is still cool with me.