View Full Version : Corsair hydrocool

06-07-03, 10:46 PM
Any opinions on this water cooling system. Is it worth 235.00 USD?


06-07-03, 11:06 PM
dun have one. it gets good reviews. i prefer the look of the exos, but the corsair is easier to fill and whatnot. go for it.

06-08-03, 08:39 AM
It cools better than the Exos though. All the reviews I've read are positive so far. Cooling wise I've been torn between this and a prommy myself. I'll build an Intel before than so time will tell. Corsair/Delphi have put together a solid unit at a great price. If you're going H20 that would be the route to follow.;)

06-08-03, 01:57 PM
Im buying one this summer too

just waiting for it to drop in price a bit

06-08-03, 02:39 PM
I am a bit wary of the power draw in the prommy. I would think it the best, but for that kind of money. I could not justify it.

I am curious as to just how much tweakage you can obtain from the Hydrocool.

06-09-03, 01:08 AM
The Hydrocool is a well designed setup. A DIY will outperform it but if you want a no hassle system it is well worth the price.