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06-05-03, 08:44 PM
I picked up a 550 watt Antec True control PSU to replace the 430 I fried. These things are really nice. I also got one of those fan controllers to keep the noise down. If you're in the market for a PSU these are perfect. I like the way you can adjust the voltage and the fan on it. I'm just glad I did'nt kill my whole rig when I blew the PSU before. That would have been costly.;)

06-05-03, 08:47 PM
The 550 Antec has the Volt control to adjust the rails ???

Duz !!

06-05-03, 09:51 PM
Yeah these are fantastic. I'm almost glad I fried my old one.

06-05-03, 10:00 PM
Ooooooo, niiiiiiiiiiice! :nod:

06-06-03, 05:44 AM
Thanks LT.:D