View Full Version : wth?!?!

06-05-03, 05:39 AM
my new rig is acting soo weird

I can boot at 245x9.5

I can boot at 210x11

I cant boot at 220x10.5

I cant boot at 231x10

I can boot at 222x8.5 at stock voltage but cant boot at 222x9 at any voltage?

wtf is going on here?

06-05-03, 08:23 AM
Need more information. Like type of Ram, motherboard,proc and so on.

06-05-03, 08:30 AM
245x9.5 and 231x10 are awsome settings. If you're running the Epox 8RDA+ or the Abit NF7-s 2.0, you'll need to do the VDD mod to get higher FSB. Also in order to get higher FSB, getting more voltage to the NB will result in high temps on both the NB and the SB. If you're not H20 , Freezer, prometia or vapo cooled, I'd stick with what I have if I was you.

06-05-03, 02:25 PM
still odd how it will boot at 222x8.5 but not 222.9.....?

atm im running 213x11 at 1.875

it ran prime for 55 mins

06-05-03, 02:48 PM
if i could boot at 245 i'd call it done! lol