View Full Version : laptop restarts under heavy load

06-02-03, 07:27 PM
Hi! I recently bought a ibm thinkpad laptop that has:

256megs of ram
2meg magic video
14" screen

I've added a microsoft wireless pcmia card.

The laptop works fantastic with win98se, but i'm having a problem. Whenever I'm running more then 1 or 2 apps or if i'm stressing the machine AT ALL, it restarts. This only happens at home with the pcmia card plugged in. When I'm at work, I can play diablo 2 and it works fine.

I can only think of three things. It could be that since I do have a differant from spec processor, he didnt put any thermal paste on. Thus, i'm overheating the cpu. Or, perhaps the cpu needs more voltage then the mobo will provide.

Or, the pcmia card is using more voltage then the laptop is designed to provide for.

Or there is simply a power issue with my home.

any thoughts?? I've tried opening the laptop to put some thermal paste on, but I was unable.