View Full Version : Boot CD?

06-02-03, 05:32 PM
I want to get rid of my floppy drive, but use boot disks occasionally...

How do you make an Easy Win98 Boot cd?? i tried before, but its kinda confusing.. Anyone of an .iso file or anything?

06-02-03, 06:08 PM
Here is an article I found ...

Turn All Of Your Old Bootable Floppies Into Bootable Cd's [the easy way]

First Of All You Need A Cd-Burner, Nero Burning Rom v5.5
A Floppie Drive, A Blank CDR Disk

When You Have Everything:

Load Up Nero With Your Floppy In The Drive And Blank Cd In
the Cd-Recorder

Close The Wizard

Hold Ctrl + N

Until A Box Appears

Scroll Down The List Until You Reach CDROM (Boot)

Click It

Bootable Logical Drive Must Be A:

Click The Burn TAB

Click New

Click File

Then Write Cd

Then Write


Pretty straight forward ... hope this helps.