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06-02-03, 02:32 AM
Got a ? my friend had 2 of these drives one went down full when his AMD slot melted down in the night so he bought another one took the board off and swapped them thinking he could save the info with no luck.So the other started the head banging thing they do but warranty is void.Ive got one to detect but after 10 min it stops spinning any ideas why??
also the other i got to detect and format now I ran scandisk and all seems to be fine on this one. Is there some weird thing with these quantum drives or did i just luck out somehow??
Its been up for a couple days no noise or errors or anything now!! got me puzzled??

06-02-03, 06:19 AM
Originally posted by Mopwr2u1
Is there some weird thing with these quantum drives or did i just luck out somehow??

Well, besides they're "Quantum Fireballs"...reputation in the industry jokingly for going up on fire, almost as failure prone as Quantums "Bigfoot" and "Tsunami" drives.

Suggestion....don't keep important information on it.

Not knowing what caused his mobo to fry....I'd suspect every unit of hardware that he had on that motherboard as being bad, or at the very least, not running at 100%. I'd not reuse the memory, vid card, anything. When a system cooks....sure some devices may "appear" to work afterwards...but you just don't know for how long, or for how reliably down the road. That occasional blue screen you get once a week or month, or that occasional lockup...is it because you re-used that memory which "appeared" to be good because your machine boots up and recognizes it?

06-02-03, 07:12 AM
I second YOS's advide on the Quanum Drives. Ive had at least 5 Drives that, died, lost data, make smoke (fireball lol), and or just not work after any little thing.... :mad:

But, my dads been runing one in his Celeron slot rig for 6 or 7 years... it dosnt make sense sometimes lol :D