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05-30-03, 01:34 PM
hi guys,

there's this setting in my CMOS like this: CPU Host/PCI Spread Spec.

the choices are,
Default (gives me 100x12=1.2Ghz processor clock speed)
100/33Mhz/+- 0.25%
100/33Mhz/+- 0.05%
102/34Mhz/Off (gives me 1.224Ghz processor clock speed)
111/37Mhz/Off (gives me 1.332Ghz processor clock speed)

if i set it to 102/34Mhz/Off, does this mean the PCI will operate at 34Mhz instead of the usual 33Mhz?

Is it ok/safe to set the PCI to a higher operating frequency and in so doing get a higher processor clock speed?

i dont know, its quite temptunbg tro set it at a higher frequency to get the extral CPU clock speed but i'm afraid i might wreck something.

well, thanks in advance.

parse :)

i have a duron at a default of 1.2Ghz

05-30-03, 02:19 PM
1 MHz over the 33 MHz speed won't hurt anything, but if notice instability, it's likely the cause.

Always turn Spread Spectrum off if you plan to overclock. It can cause problems.

05-30-03, 08:38 PM

a follow-up question, if you don't mind. just how many Mhz above 33mHz would hurt the system?

thanks again,
parse :)