View Full Version : New comp hopefully

05-28-03, 07:23 PM
Well im thinking about purchasing the following within the month

AMD Athlon XP 2700+ ( $200 CAD ) BOX
Thermalright SLK-800 ($56 CAD)
ABIT NF7-S V2.0 (183 CAD) But i might go for the EPOX 8rda+ or wait a while and get the EPOX 8rda3+ ... /shrug

And then a new PSU

Then in september im going to buy the 5900 Ultra 256 meg/128 meg version or the 5600 ULTRA ( which is around the same preformance as the 9500/9600 ATI PRO card ) with 256 megs

Reason being.. i want to play everquest 2

what do you guyz think? ABIT has soundstorm sound right? so it wont eat my CPU revolutions like the AC97' / C-Media?

Ill have 2X256 megs of PC2700 so i wont have much O/Cing space.. but Im going to try and sell the 2 X 256 megs oc PC2700 and try and get 2X 512 megs of PC 3200 or PC 3000


05-29-03, 12:36 AM
Sounds good. I've never used EPOX...only A-Bit. I've never had any problems with A-Bit and I always find their boards cheapest or comparatively priced. You also might look into an Albatron board. They are new on the scene and offering really nice features at low prices. Other than that it looks good.