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05-28-03, 12:46 PM
Hey Guys,

I am upgrading ASAP but am also saving up for a house meaning that instead of dropping a few hundred for new parts to build, I am just going to work with what I have. My issue is more CPU than RAM since I already have 512. Want to chuck the P3 700 (Slot 1) and install a faster CPU.....was lookin on Ebay and ran into this.....it is compatible with my MOBO (Asus P2B-F). I read some good reviews about the CPU, and the fact that it is OC'able is also a plus...what do you guys think?


05-28-03, 12:52 PM
should be good for ya, its really a 100mhz fsb p3 so its not gonna be slow like a real celeron tho i dont think u get sse. still looks good