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05-17-03, 01:38 PM
I know this is kinda old, and might be posted in here or another forum, but... http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NDc0LDI=

NVIDIA is back on top? Or atleast will be in 30-45 days...

thank god, i'm so sick of my 9700 Pro, my G3 makes Half-Life (CS) look better... literally. who here is gettin the new NVIDIA card?

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05-17-03, 01:56 PM
yea I saw that, 5900 still beat it in a lot of the benches...

05-17-03, 02:19 PM
nvidia fell back a few car links but is now neck and neck with ati, still not ahead. i'm waiting...

05-17-03, 02:28 PM
Originally posted by OptKing
who here is gettin the new NVIDIA card?

I'm on the fence. If you had asked me a month of two ago...I was waiting for the 256 meg version of ATI's 9800 to come out....and I would have gotten that card (I was figuring on nVidia releasing the nv35 mid to late summer) But who knows when it will actually hit the shelves in quantity at a reasonable price (because you just know the first couple of hundred that come out will have their price jacked up at least another hundred bucks).

But this quick release of the nv35 was a nice surprise, and it will be hitting the shelves probably quicker than the 256 meg ATI 9800....so I'm probably going to get that one.


...The speed of the nv35 is now a bit quicker than the 9800...

...nVidia's driver updates will be quicker and more frequent than ATI's (yes...granted ATI has improved this...but still not up to par on nVidia's frequency and proven track record of this). They've won my loyalty because of this...each driver release bringing improvements in features and performance and compatiblity. nVidia has proven to be the leader in this important aspect.

...nVidia has addressed the image quality problem seen in earlier tests, most notably with the first FX driver releases when the 5800 came out. Image quality has been substantially improved. Many sites are saying it's quite close to ATI now. Yeah ATI has the edge on AA...but there's more to picking a video card than just zeroing in on AA alone.

This is the first time I've fallen behind in my video card as far as "getting the latest and greatest" of whatever is out there. I used to snag a new card like every 6 months or something...but for the past couple of years I've been sitting on my Asus GF3 64. (Hey, buying a house and building a second floor on it can be expensive!) My next card is being bought to prep for Doom III...and nVidia is all about being "Doom III Ready".

Dunno...it's close....perhaps it will be whichever card I'm able to get my hands on first....or maybe even both!