View Full Version : sata drive and bios flashing!!!! for abit kt7-max 2 please read!!

05-17-03, 08:42 AM
if anyone out there cares not to make this mistake like i did if u have an abit kt7-max 2 and u are using the sata raid drive and an ide drive like i am and want to flash to the new bios update read this!!!!!

what abit dont tell u on there web site when u flash the bios to there new verision released at7dd it says the new bios includes updated raid drivers htp 374 ver. 1.23. well u have to install the new raid drivers first seperate from the bios flash and do it first!!!!!!
after i flashed the bios and ---- up some microsoft sys 32 files and called abit they told me i have to install the new raid dr. first so i told them thanks and well a few more choice words for doing such a good job of posting it on there web site, he did say sorry which was not so comforting after he told me i had to reinstall win xp!!!! he did say he will let the webmaster know, master?!!! they should call master ****head.... anyway thought i save some of u people some trouble!!!!

p.s. norm!!!! if u still watching me, i still love u!!!

05-17-03, 11:24 AM
thanks for the info, i have a max2 myself, dont plan on flashing the bios but if i do now i know what i'm in for.

did they give u a better explanation of why it has to go that way?