View Full Version : Round Cables?

05-11-03, 05:44 PM
Ive been looking at some round IDE / FLOPPY cables online. I like the idea of getting those ribbon cables out that obstruct the airflow like they do! What cables do you recomend? What should i look for? Where can i get the cables for cheap? BTW on the floppy 1 connector would be fine...on the IDE im looking for 2 connectors on each...



05-11-03, 05:58 PM
You can go to CompUSA and get a set. Comes in different colors and lengths. That's where I got my black set from. Not bad for 8 bux a pop. Just don't yank on them constantly when removing drives.

05-11-03, 05:59 PM
get the glow in the dark ones :cool: :nod: :2cool: