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04-15-03, 10:31 PM
Here is the first thing that I have found:

I have both monitors up and running (SWEET !), but there is one horizontal grey line running through both at the same height from top. It is basically one pixel tall and the whole width of both screens. :(

Does this mean there is something wrong with the video card ? Motherboard ?

04-15-03, 10:36 PM
ive got one too, but, its on my old trinitron..

this thing has gone through 3 systems, and that line is still there..

i know for me its the monitor, but, for you, im not so sure, have you tried updating the drivers? and maybe try one screen and see what happens?

04-15-03, 10:46 PM
Hmm... my buddy told me that all flat screen monitors have that line.


Does everyone else have that ?

Will be sure drivers are updated too.

04-15-03, 10:50 PM
mine is ALMOST perfect flat, but, not queit, its about 5 years old, and still looking and going strong.. really nice monitor, next monitor for me will definetly still be a trinitron.

mines sorta neer the bottom, cant notice it unless you concentrate deeply at it tho.

04-15-03, 10:56 PM
Thank you ALL for the info !

Sounds like this is common and isn't something I should be worried about. Whew !


On with the updating......


04-15-03, 11:20 PM
Those wires keep the aperture grille of the monitor in place. It's common.

04-16-03, 12:41 AM
Yep my NEC has one as well. It's totally normal from what I hear. Once CRT flatscreens get to a certain size they basically have to "mesh" 2 or more surfaces together. this creates the line that you see. I don't know the technicalities of it..but I found out it's normal after I tried to return my monitor for the very same reason!!

04-16-03, 05:12 AM
Thanks again for the info guys.

It's certainly good to know that it wasn't faulty equipment.