View Full Version : 8RG/DA+ owners

04-14-03, 02:54 PM
anybody know if the crystal orb fits on the north without problem? It looks like there is enough space


The Goog
04-14-03, 03:09 PM
It will but you will have to epoxy it down. The copper vantec iceburg fits perfectly though and it has the same hole positioning for the pins.

04-14-03, 03:10 PM
thx for the info

04-14-03, 03:21 PM
The crsytal orb will not fit the holes. The mounting holes on the crystal orb are off. The vantec fits perfectly tho.

04-14-03, 03:24 PM
im confusing myself lol...im building 2 different computers and a server and I keep forgetting what parts are going where. im building 1 system with a 8rda thats h20 cooled and a 8rga that air cooled, one will be OC'ed and the other wont.:) Ill check out the vantec if I decide to get one( getting close to the price limit)


04-14-03, 03:45 PM
on the dual channel, i know that 2 sticks have to be the same siza but can the third be a different size if I need more memory later down the road

04-14-03, 04:30 PM
No, it will defeat the purpose ;)