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04-08-03, 03:23 PM
Hi all, i am looking into getting a more powerful ups as my little woosy 350va apc doesn't have AVR, and the minute the power goes out my computer is pulling so much power the apc instantly goes into overload and shuts off, so it is essentially worthless. My question is, i have a 120AH deep cycle marine battery, and i am able to buy an APC Smart-UPS, 1400VA without battery for a cheap price. I was wondering if it would be possible to use my huge 120AH battery and hook it up to the apc as the battery? Or will this overload the unit? Thanks in advance! :)

04-08-03, 05:10 PM
From my experience with APC, they usually use two batteries in series (24V) so Un less you got another one, nope it won`t work, sorry...

On the other hand tho, I`ve have done what you speak of with several batteries and so far I`m ok with no power for about 24 Hours:D and it isn`t overloaded in any way it just keeps on runnin` went the power goes out (wich is very rare around here)

04-08-03, 05:15 PM
Thank you for the reply Caveman, so you have actually done this? Where the batteries you used deep cycle as i think they have a slightly different way they are supposed to be charged, but i could be wrong. Also i think i am going to go with a 1200VA belkin unit as i can get a refurbed one for only $60..

04-08-03, 05:26 PM
I think you`ll be ok with Belkin as I`ve had one of those too, but three of `em blew up within a week or so, so I switched to APC.

Yeah they`re being used as the were intended, I work for a company which uses streetside battery backup systems for telecomms eqpt and I`ve just acquired a few* that were out of their recomended dates but they all still work fine as I`ve tested them...

* - read 10:rolleyes: :D ;)
they are 12v 37Ah each and I have 5 sets of two in series which gives me 24v 185Ah

04-08-03, 05:26 PM
just wondering touser3 where are you getting the refurbished one from, i am looking to get a new one for myself ??

04-08-03, 05:31 PM
Thanks again for the reply caveman, i guess my last question is, if i go with the belkin is it going to try and charge the battery all the time? If so i do not know if that will overload the charging circuitry or damage the battery.
the snake i am getting it directly from belkin, check out their site here (http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=&Section_Id=76&pcount=&Product_Id=123044)
and just click the red "buy a refurbished unit" link. :)

04-09-03, 03:36 AM
Yes, that is right, that is wot it is supposed to do. It is a slow charger so as not to overcharge/dry out the batteries over long periods of time being charged, this is also why it takes a long time for the batteries to reach full charge status again after being even partially discharged.

I would imagine it is safe to do as I`ve had no problems doing it for the last year or so