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04-08-03, 04:42 AM

"Today at GamePC, we're looking at what many people believe to be the "ultimate" LCD monitor on the market, Samsung's Syncmaster 240T. The Syncmaster 240T isn't necessarily "new", as it's been on the market for quite a long time. Nevertheless, this is a monitor we've gotten many requests to review, and we've finally gotten around to giving a thorough review of this LCD panel. With 24 inches of widescreen LCD display area, digital connectivity, picture in picture, and an included remote control, the Syncmaster 240T really has no competition in the high-end LCD space.


Gaming performance certainly could use a boost, even though it's not terrible to begin with. The monitor could certainly benefit from faster pixel refresh rates and perhaps a slightly brighter backlight. "

04-08-03, 07:32 AM
I nearly got the 210T a while back, but it had like a freakin' > 50ms response time. Upgrading to the 240T gets you a much better response time, but at a painful price bump. Man...

04-08-03, 07:57 AM
Yeah but still I wish I could afford that thing.

04-08-03, 08:18 AM
no competition? what about the sony 24" lcd?