View Full Version : Windows 98SE DVD to TV

04-07-03, 09:51 AM
What causes Windows 98 SE with any DVD Player Software and a ATI PCI Video card to not let you play your DVD to the tV. What is the fix for this??? Let me know!


04-07-03, 11:24 PM
usually when you attach your TV to your computer via a RCA cable or a S-Video plug, the Windows should detect that you have connected it as a another monitor. If you do so, you should be able to use the TV as a monitor to watch the DVD.

However if you are trying to record the DVD by attaching it to a VHS player, there is a security feature called Macrovision that prevents you from recording the DVD.

in your situation, you might have both your mointor and tv connect at the same time, in which case you must choose one of the two to be the main monitor via property settings.

04-08-03, 02:28 AM
Macrovision will make ur DVD image fading in and out.

04-08-03, 08:53 AM
So in another words, you have to go straight to the TV, and not through the VCR?! OKAY! Thanks! That should fix it!