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02-01-03, 11:31 AM
I am deciding on getting a 2600 for my current rig and stay under a $250 price tag. I am really waiting on the Hammer platforms but want this 2600 NOW, the 333MHz version.

So, I have heard that the 2400 is "un-locked" from the factory. I have also seen it in action at a local LAN party. The dude that showed me just went into BIOS and lowered his multi'z upped the FSB and rebooted for a nice clock speed of 2.5GHz!! Nice, but now I am wondering if the 2600 (333MHz version) will be the same??

Can anyone confirm this?? TIA :D

**Edit: If someone could confirm this ASAP I would really appreciate it, I will purchase this tonight (GMT+1hr) if someone here can definitely tell me that the 2600 IS "factory un-locked"...

02-01-03, 11:39 AM

* - Exception, the 2600+/333mhz processor runs at 12.5x166 and will NOT have the 13+ multipliers unlocked by default (but will have the lower multipliers 5-12.5x unlocked/available).

02-01-03, 12:14 PM
Thnx again Amro,

U DA' MAN!!! Great link btw, got links on AMD CPU'z but this is like having a "packaged link" with other links...Now it's a Favorite ;)

Now off to newegg.com for the ordering (most reasonable site for my location on prices, availability & shipping options)....Waahhoooo!!!!

02-01-03, 12:35 PM
anytime bro but credit for this one goes to LT-73..dino posted it a while back and I bookmarked it then :)

02-01-03, 08:37 PM
Oh... I should've known that LT-73 had "something" to do with it....hehe, good ol' LT....:D