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01-30-03, 04:12 PM
Need some help here. I installed a new hard drive in my PC. At the time all 4 of my IDE channels were in use . Two for my DVD-rom and CDRW drive and two for my current Hard drive and internal Zip drive. I called a local Computer supply place and they sold me a used PCI IDE controller card. I plugged it in and windows recognizes it. I plugged in my Zip drive to it and Windows can see it and says it is working properly. My problem is there is no drive letter for it. Anyone now how I can get it up and going so I can use my Zip Drive? I am currently running Windows XP on a Dell 8100 with 256 megs of ram.

01-30-03, 04:22 PM
Im not sure if windows see's it the same as a motherboard ide controller. But if it does check this out...

Find the device in device manager and make sure port scanning is enabled for all the devices.

Also, check your jumpers if you have 2 devices on one cable from your controller.

hope that helps in some way :D

01-30-03, 05:33 PM
Problem was solved by the Dark Lord of DOS. Thanks for the other replies.