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01-28-03, 02:40 PM
fedex came today, dropped off my CyberDrive 48x16x48x burner. I have heard of cyberdrive before, but didn't know if they were good or not....

I read the review of the drive here:

and it seemed to be just as good as any other brand...got the SafeBuy award, so it's definitely good for me! :D

the only complaint I noticed right away, was the faceplate...it's a plain OEM style...no headphone jack or anything...which is what the review states also...my drive was manufactured on September 02, so it's an older model, like what the site reviewd....but I dont use the headphone jack anyway...just burn CD's, which this seems to do excellently.

going from my 4x burner to this is no comparision....one of the best purchased I have made for this computer...I consider this drive a bargain....$52 bucks shipped from NewEgg....came with Nero 5.5 too....that's $50 bucks right there.

so based on my experience....i'm about to burn my 3rd CD so far at 40x speed....this drive is pretty good. Nice and quiet burning too....though I can barely hear above all my case fans and CPU fan, lol. :D

Burning my 3rd CD now with Maxell 40x CDR disc....one thing I noticed is that with Nero, the ExacLink didn't activate....but with the CyberDrive provided media, ExacLink was active. but the 48x speed doesnt' seem to be a problem with the slower rated media so far.

01-28-03, 02:50 PM
welcome back to modern technology!

01-28-03, 04:44 PM
that's a 12 fold increase in burning speed lol..
it's GREAT isn't it... :D

I still have an 8x Burner on the other comp Celeron 950
and a 52x LITE-ON on my XP1700+

01-28-03, 05:22 PM
Go RE-Flash it to a higher Firmware.. Thats what i did. I went from 40x to 48x :)

01-29-03, 12:53 AM
Originally posted by YARDofSTUF
welcome back to modern technology!

lol, thank you, it's good to be back :D

it took me about 3 times longer then it should have to install the darn thing...for one, my case is the cheapest part of my system, and the drive bay cover for the CD drive would not come off....I had to like smash it with my screwdriver so it would break off...and I couldn't use the other drive bays cuz my IDE cables wouldn't reach....

well when I finally got the CD cover off, I was mad, so I slammed the CDRW drive into the case, and the cd drive is like a good inch longer then my other DVD drive....and when I slammed it, I slammed it into a resistor or capicitor on my motherboard, whatever those things are...I thought my mobo would explode or something if I turned it on, lol.

plus I changed 2 case fans....the 2 were too clogged with smoke to even spin lol...:o plus a general case cleaning....took me like an hour and a half...but it's all good now *crosses fingers* :D

01-29-03, 05:19 AM
1 1/2 hours to install lol

seems like ur running good now.i went from 4x to 24x and i loved the difference. enjoy