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01-28-03, 10:45 AM
convinced you have a John Wayne BIOS; it's rough, it's tough, and it don't take **** settings from nobody?

Some have said the beta BIOS 1002.001 helps. More interestingly, others have found changing the battery does the trick.

The Link (http://www.overclockers.com/)

It won't link directly, scroll to middle page for the posts of all problems being resolved from battery replacement.:)

01-28-03, 01:51 PM
Who would check the battery on a new MB? Many people Rma'd their boards all because Asus shipped boards with defective batteries. Kudos to the guy who found the problem.

01-28-03, 03:11 PM
i replaced the battery and nothing happens

01-28-03, 04:04 PM
Originally posted by SLK
i replaced the battery and nothing happens

were u having problems? lol

i guess teh bios update is teh next step.

but hasnt updating the asus board led to RMAs also?

01-28-03, 07:29 PM
ya, everytime i update my bios it stops posting for a Half hour. Let sit for 30 mins w/o battery. then it works

Im just glad i got my old rev E bios that was sent to me. Finally asus put it on there site after 2 months. What lazy bums:rolleyes:

01-28-03, 07:31 PM
did u replace the battery with a fresh oen or one from another board?

01-28-03, 09:50 PM
im not having probs anymore. just with the bios update thing. if i wait then it works fine. i got my battery from an old P120 dell. not to much life expectancy for it but its good for now. Im overclocked stable also.


01-28-03, 10:16 PM
I work at a local comp shop, (service/sales) anyway of all the a7n8x we have sold, weve had about 30% come back....now take the MSI k7n2, weve sold twice as many and had less than 1% of returns....in benchmarks there the exact same........the a7n8x has the aup goin for it and that in its self is bad ass, but man asus really fudged up this time around, cant wait till MSI releases a board with the -t southbridge.