View Full Version : Computer Science Midterms

01-28-03, 10:04 AM
Wish me luck everyone:D


Psst. Whats the answer to numba 3?

Sry boutposting in the wrong section. my browser always forwards me to it;)

01-28-03, 10:13 AM
midterms, its january ?????:confused:

01-28-03, 10:32 AM
semester exams. always have them end of january

01-28-03, 11:07 AM
Just remember that if you don't know the answer...always right down a joke...i heard thats mucho brownie points for those college pro's that have 150 midterms to grade :D

01-28-03, 11:29 AM
the answer to number 3 is to leave it blank with a $20 tip.

01-28-03, 01:56 PM
Wow it was so easy!.

We just all copied off each other if we were stuck. Was a snap. My teacher didnt care. we were on the net while we were doing our projects. It was a basic HTML web page we had to make through notepad. Had to have a scrolling marquee, title pictures.

He wrote 100% on my paper beside me:D